Who We Are

Where we first started out in Alkmaar, Holland

Frans Bosman began his career in pipe organ building in 1976, as an apprentice at the Flentrop Co in Holland. His main assignments were the maintenance of a large number of organs including many of the great historic instruments such as the ones in the St. Bavo church in Haarlem and the Laurens Church in his home town of Alkmaar.

Because of the precision with which he tuned such instruments, he was soon assigned the tuning and maintenance of several instruments for Phillips recordings. He worked with artists like Piet Kee, Feike Asma, Daniel Chorzempa and others.

In 1979 and 1980 he worked for Verschueren in the south of Holland, learning all he could about  electric action instruments. Again, much work was done on historic instruments as the company moved towards building and maintaining Tracker organs.

In 1980 Frans started his own small company and finished his first instrument in 1981: A nine rank residence practice organ for a well known organist.  In the same year the opportunity arose to move to the US, and with organ companies in The Netherlands downsizing, this seemed to be a good decision. The choice was Portland Oregon, and he established Frans W.M. Bosman Pipe Organ Co.

Through contacts established earlier, Frans was able to obtain small contracts quickly, which, due to the quality of the work, eventually lead to larger works such as the restoration of the complex wind chests in a Hutchings-Votey organ (1907) and soon afterwards the first contracts for new organs.

Often, as it turned out, existing reconditioned components were used successfully, and this has remained a practice throughout his career, making his company an early “green” one.

Now, after decades of working with sound, experiencing and noticing the effects of sound on us as humans, new possibilities opened up, and in 2008 Frans opened a sound therapy practice, to be of service and to further explore the seemingly endless sonic landscape.Already in 2006, he gave a lecture on the healing powers of sound, during the annual national organ builders convention, then held in Seattle.

He was and is hoping that a deeper understanding of sound, frequencies and our reaction on them on every level of our being, will change the way we approach tonal design in pipe organs.